Last Breath

Stop motion animation | 2016

Last Breath has been officially selected at the 'Int'l Short Film Festival of Cyprus', 'Athens Animfest', 'VI Festival Internacional Brasil Stop Motion', 'AM Egypt Film Festival' and in the ' TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival.

* AWARD | Category Winner of March - The Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017

Mgarr Farms

2D animation | 2020

Production for Mgarr Farms in Malta. Fruits & Vegetables delivery all over Malta and Gozo

Caffe Nero Cyprus

2D animation | 2020

Production for the new Caffe Nero - Kyrenias, Aglantzia

Thermokoitida Agapis

2D animation | 2019

Production for the non-profit organisation 'Thermokoitida Agapis'.

BirdLife Malta - 'BirdHero'

2D animation | 2018

"BirdHero" animation for BirdLife Malta. Adopt a bird with BirdLife Malta

and become a BirdHero with just €20 a year! 

The Right to Single Education

2D animation | 2017

Production to promote the right of every child to Single Education, for the non-profit organization 'Agalia Elpidas'.

Mgarr Farms

2D animation | 2020

Production for Mgarr Farms in Malta. Fresh and Healthy products straight to your doorstep.

Birdlife Malta

2D animation | 2020

Production for Birdlife Malta. ‘Birds of Malta’ memory game

TUS Airways 

A series of 4  2D animations | 2019

Productions for TUS AIRWAYS company promoting companie's

destinations and benefits. 

World Oral Health Day

2D animation | 2018

Production for the World Oral Health Day for 50 years of the Pancyprian

Dental Association.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of lifts

2D animation | 2017

Production for the Department of Labor Inspection for the periodic

Inspection and maintenance of lifts.


Stop motion animation | 2015

24/ 7 is an award winning animation short film - " Best Film " award

in the National Competition Category in Animafest Cyprus 2015.

* AWARD | 'In Every Frame' Worldwide Competition by NIKON - [2018]

Mary and Max

Stop motion animation | 2014

Mary and Max short film selected and participated at the 13th countryside Animafest Cyprus 2014 and at the " Creative Compass " exhibition of the University of Nicosia.